Thursday, September 29, 2005

Morpho Butterflies - alive and on display - Arenal, Costa Rica


Jason said...

Very pretty. From Wikipedia: Today, Blue Morphos and similar species are reared en masse in commercial breeding programmes. The iridescent wings are used in the manufacture of jewellery and as inlay in woodworking. Mounted specimens are sold with the abdomen removed to prevent its oily contents from staining the wings. The lamellated structure of their scales has been studied as a model in the development of fabrics, dye-free paints, and anti-counterfeit technology such as that used in currency.

Marissa said...

I agree. It's quite pretty. It reminds me of this framed butterfly that I almost bought during a trip to Chicago. I regret not buying it. It was so pretty...but so expensive! Good pictures will have to do.